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Generation "Sportmaster"

Ongoing project from March 2014

Supervising digital PR promotion of the social project "Generation "Sportmaster".
- introduce the project to a wide audience
- develop a strong image of Sportmaster as a socially responsible company
About "Generation "Sportmaster":
- Sportmaster donates special equipment for athletic playgrounds to various cities and towns across Russia
- the goal is to install 1000 athletic playgrounds in 100 cities across Russia by 2018
- in 2014 first 100 athletic playgrounds were installed in Moscow region towns
To find out more use the link (Russian)
Multichannel promotion during year 2014:
- bloggers' reports about playgrounds' opening ceremonies
- creating content for a related section of Sportmaster official web-site (copywriting)
 - mass media coverage on and 360 (Podmoskovie) TV channel
- all year long posts in official Sportmaster groups in social media about opening playgrounds and encouraging people do sports outside no matter the weather
- a contest in official Sportmaster groups in social media, winner got 10 athletic playgrounds for his/her town on a priority basis
My responsibilities:
- project management 
- creating communication strategy for the project
- supervising all the activities in all the channels
- reach over 5 millions (in Fall-Winter season only)
- more than 20 000 likes
- more than 1 000 positive comments on web
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